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Score’s field services include the provision of valve diagnostic surveys, using a variety of in-house developed specialist tools to identify and quantify through-valve leakage and monitor for other developing failure modes in valve and actuator assemblies.

MIDAS Meter® AE leak detection equipment is focused on finding and quantifying through-valve leakage, by monitoring for the very high frequency noise that a leaking valve generates when process fluid escapes through a leak path. Score has developed AE leak detection equipment which is portable, non-invasive and intrinsically safe. This allows it to be used quickly and easily on process plant valves, either on or offshore, with minimal disruption.

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Score can provide personnel and equipment to undertake AE leak detection programs or to target a specific suspected problem valve.

Score have carried out surveys in the following applications:-

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Score have demonstrated that the use of the AE technique brings quantifiable safety improvements, operating cost savings running to the $millions through improving reliability and uptime as well as reducing traditional testing timescales, delivering significant benefits over alternative techniques.

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