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Score Valve Services Inc. offer a comprehensive range of on-site or off-site valve upgrading, reconditioning, repair, modification and overhaul programmes which are impartial and independent of the restrictions imposed by manufacturers and their agents.

Score Valve Services Inc. has access to over 400 trained valve engineers, design engineers and metallurgists, with fully equipped workshop containers on 24-hour standby, allowing the service of every type, size and class of valve including:

Valve Testing

From our purpose built test facilities Score Valve Services Inc. provides standard and enhanced valve testing including hydrostatic pressure and gas pressure testing, low and high temperature testing and fire testing. We also undertake cyclic testing which simulates valve operating conditions, allowing Score technicians to identify breakdown conditions and failure modes.


The proper functioning of valves, including emergency shutdown valves, is essential in ensuring the safety of personnel, protecting the environment and safeguarding capital assets. Thanks to Score’s stringent Quality Control System, the safety standards which we achieve for all aspects of our Valve Services more than meet the relevant Government legislation requirements.

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